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Lakehead No. 8 in North America

November 26th, 2003


The Lakehead Thunderwolves Women’s Wrestling Team has been ranked No. 8 in North America by a Coaches’ Poll released today by, the leading voice of wrestling in the United States. This is the first of five polls released throughout the season.

As well four Lakehead Wrestlers were ranked in the Top 8 in their respective weight classes. Katie Patroch was ranked No. 3 at 63 kg, Emily McCague was ranked No. 6 at 72 kg, Rachel Dean was ranked No. 7 at 51 kg, and Christine Calver was ranked No. 8 at 72 kg. North American Women's College Wrestling Poll
November 26, 2003

Rank/College/location/pts./ranking last poll
1. Simon Fraser Univ./British Columbia, Canada (5) 100 pts.
2. Univ. of Calgary/Alberta, Canada 95 pts.
3. Cumberland College/Kentucky, USA 90 pts.
4. Missouri Valley College/Missouri, USA 83 pts. 5. Brock Univ./Ontario, Canada 72 pts.
6. McMaster Univ./Ontario, Canada 71 pts.
7. Univ. of Saskatchewan/Saskatchewan, Canada 68 pts.
8. Lakehead Univ./Ontario, Canada 64 pts.
9. Pacific Univ./Oregon, USA 50 pts.
10. Univ. of Manitoba/Manitoba, Canada 47 pts.
11. Menlo College/California, USA 44 pts.
12. Univ. of Minnesota-Morris/Minnesota, USA 40 pts.
13. (tie) Univ. of Western Ontario/Ontario, Canada 36 pts.
13. (tie) Lassen College/California, USA 36 pts.
15. Queens College/Ontario, Canada 30 pts.
16. Univ. of Alberta/Alberta, Canada 26 pts.
17. MacMurray College/Illinois, USA 24 pts.
18. Univ. of Regina/Saskatchewan, Canada 19 pts.
19. Univ. of Guelph/Ontario, Canada 18 pts.
20. Douglas College/British Columbia, Canada 11 pts.

Also receiving votes: Concordia Univ./Quebec, Canada, 8 pts.; McGill Univ./Quebec, Canada, 6 pts.; Univ. of British Columbia/British Columbia, Canada, 5 pts.; Memorial Univ./Newfoundland, Canada, 4 pts.; Univ. of New Brunswick/New Brunswick, Canada, 3 pts.

First place votes in parenthesis.

Selected by a panel of women's college coaches, with three from Canada and two from the United States. Eligible for ranking are college varsity and club women's wrestling programs. North American Women's College Individual Rankings

51 kg (112.25 lbs.)
1. Sara White (Simon Fraser)
2. Terri McNutt (Western Ontario)
3. Debbi Sakai (Missouri Valley)
4. Crystal Santos (Simon Fraser)
5. Elizabeth Torres (Pacific)
6. Sheila Lerit (Menlo College)
7. Rachel Dean (Lakehead)
8. Lisa Morin (Regina)

63 kg (138.5 lbs.)
1. Emily Richardson (Simon Fraser)
2. Breanne Graham (Calgary)
3. Katharine Patroch (Lakehead)
4. Jennica Day (Simon Fraser)
5. Shelly Ruberg (Cumberland College)
6. Lulu Bursztyn (McMaster)
7. Emilee Murphree (Missouri Valley)
8. Maren Marks (Manitoba)

72 kg (158.5 lbs.)
1. Toccara Montgomery (Cumberland College)
2. Stephany Lee (Missouri Valley)
3. Jenn Hepburn (McGill)
4. Lyndsay Hamilton (Douglas)
5. Erin Church (Regina)
6. Emily McCague (Lakehead)
7. Emily Rinehart (Lassen)
8. Christine Calver (Lakehead)

Rankings were selected by, with assistance from a panel of five college coaches. Athletes who are considered for ranking are eligible full-time college students, and are members of their college women's varsity or club program, or a member of their college men's wrestling team.

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