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February 16th, 2006


Lakehead University will be hosting the OUA Wrestling Championships this Sat. Feb. 18th at the C J Sanders Fieldhouse (The Thunderdome) on the Lakehead campus in Thunder Bay.  The day’s events will be videowebcast in full on ThunderVision from the Lakehead Athletics site ( beginning at 9:00 am EST and running until approximately 5:30 pm.  Those wishing to watch all the exciting grappling action will need hi speed internet and a Quick Time Media Player.  The medal rounds will be rebroadcast later in the week in Thunder Bay on Shaw TV Channel 10.   

Lakehead Athletics Director Tom Warden said it should be a fantastic event and the Lakehead and Thunder Bay wrestling community will be out in force.  “We are very pleased to present this year’s OUA Wrestling Championships and it is a great opportunity to highlight our elite athletes, our school, and our community.”

The championship features some of Canada’s top male and female varsity wrestlers.  The Brock Badgers, the powerhouse of OUA wrestling, will be back to defend both their men’s and women’s titles while host Lakehead, McMaster, Western, Guelph, Queen’s, and Toronto will try to dethrone the defending champs. 

OUA Wrestling Championships Schedule:
9:00 am – 1:00 pm – Preliminary Rounds
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm – Lunch Break
1:30 pm – Announcement of Place Finishers
1:30 pm - 3 pm – Second Round of Matches
3 pm - 3:30 pm - Break
3:30 pm – Announcement of OUA Finalists
3:40 pm – Lakehead President DR. Fred Gilbert Official Welcome to Finalists
3:50 pm – Finish: Medal round wrestling with medal presentations after every three matches

The Teams:

Lakehead Thunderwolves
The Thunderwolves hope that home-mat advantage will help them to dethrone their arch rivals; the Brock Badgers.  Lakehead’s men’s team has finished second to Brock seven times.  Lakehead’s women team won the first two OUA titles but it has been Brock’s title ever since. 

This season the Wolves have enjoyed a lot of success from wrestlers like Chris Camarata (OUA silver medalist; four meet golds this season), Clayton Serreres (CIS and OUA silver medalist; Western Open gold), Dave Rector (CIS bronze medalist; Canadian Jr. Team, Golden Bear Invitational, U of Alberta Open, Regina Open golds), Darren Manion (Guelph Open silver), and Mitch Fryia (Regina Open gold) and hope to give the Badgers a battle.

Lakehead’s women (North America No. 8) will be led by Katie Patroch (North America No. 2; OUA champ, Commomwealth champ, Golden Bear, U of Alberta, Western Open golds).  Tasha Eady (World Jr. Bronze Medalist; North America No. 6) has also taken medals at meets this season.  Lakehead will look for strong performances from Emily McCague, Leah Daugherty (Regina Open bronze) and Michelle Gorrie (Regina Open silver) as well. 

Lakehead Thunderwolves OUA Championships Roster:

54 kg Martin Sterling; Freshman; Engineering, Surrey B.C.
57 kg Chris Camarata; Junior; Kinesiology, Brampton, Ont. 
61 kg Clayton Sereres; Junior; Water Resource Management, Windsor, Ont.
65 kg Mitch Fryia; Junior; General Arts, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
68 kg Mustafa Muhammed; Freshman; Chemical Engineering, Toronto, Ont.
72 kg Ryan Macleod; Sophomore, Math; Bruce Mines, Ont.
76 kg Andrew Elliot; Sophomore; Nursing; Bright’s Grove, Ont.
82 kg Andrew Larson; Junior English, Blind River, Ont.
90 kg Dave Rector; Junior; General Arts; Waterford, Ont.
130 kg Darren Manion; Sophomore, Geography, Picton, Ont.

48 kg Michelle Gorrie; Senior, Psychology, Kaministiquia, Ont.
51 kg Danielle Silva; Sophomore; Kinesiology, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
55 kg Alexandra Demars; Sophomore; Concurrent Education, Thunder Bay, Ont.
59 kg Katie Patroch; Senior, Education, London, Ont.  
63 kg Tasha Eady; Sophomore; Nursing, Renfrew, Ont. 
67 kg Leah Daugherty; Freshman, Psychology, Renfrew, Ont.
72 kg Emily McCague; Junior; General Arts; Crookstown, Ont.

Coaching Staff:
Owen Dawkins: Head Coach
Francis Clayton: Co-Coach

Brock Badgers
The Badgers are the powerhouse of OUA and CIS wrestling and look to defend both their men’s and women’s OUA crowns.  Brock’s men are also defending CIS champions (10 times) and have won the OUA team championship 11 years in a row (12 total).  The women are no slouches either; having won the OUA team title 7 consecutive years.

The formdidable Brock men (CIS No. 1) are led by Jamie Macari and Evan MacDonald (both 3-time OUA and CIS champs), Adam Fera (3-time OUA champ, 2-time CIS champ), Mike Neufeld (CIS champ), Steve Snijders (2-time OUA champ), Josh Lee (OUA silver), and Dylan Fryia (OUA bronze).

The women’s side (North America No. 6) features Alana King (OUA champ; ranked No. 1 in North America), Jocelyn Dresser (No. 3 North America; OUA silver; Guelph Open Champ), Golda Parahoo (OUA silver), Jen Hanson (North America No. 5; OUA Silver), Jessica Bondy (OUA silver; North America No. 6), Liz Martindale (Ontario Junior Champ; North America No. 4), Michelle Fazzari (Queen’s Open champ; Brock Invitational Champ; North America No. 6), and Lindsay MacDonald (Queen’s Open Champ; Brock Invitational Champ).    

Brock Badgers OUA Championships Roster:

48 kg - Alana King: Junior; Business Admin; Scarborough, Ont. 
51 kg - Liz Martindale; Junior; Kinesiology; Jordan, Ont. 
55 kg - Jessie Bondy; Sophomore; French; Windsor, Ont. 
59 kg - Michelle Fazzari; Freshman; Social Science, Caledonia, Ont.
63 kg - Lindsay MacDonald; Sophomore, Kinesiology, Brantford, Ont.
Golda Parahoo; Senior; English, St. Catharines, Ont.
68 kg - Buffy Ainsworth; Sophomore, Kinesiology, Brighton, Ont. 
Golda Parahoo
72 kg - Jocelyn Dresser; Sophomore, Phys. Ed.; Tottenham, Ont. 
82 kg - Jen Hanson; Senior; Phys. Ed.; Sunderland, Ont.

54 kg - Jamie Macari; Senior; Kinesiology, St. Catharines, Ont.
or Dylan Fryia
57 kg - Jamie Macari or
Dylan Fryia; Sophomore; Humanities; Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
61 kg - Josh Lee; Sophomore, History; Waterford, Ont.
James Henry; Freshman; Psychology; Everett, Ont.
65 kg - Pete Simons; Sophomore; Phys. Ed.; Campbellford, Ont.
or Brandon McKinley; Sophomore, SPMA, Markham, Ont.
68 kg - Ryan McCracken; Freshman, Kinesiology, Peterborough, Ont.  
or Peter Leaman; Freshman, Kinesiology, Milton, Ont.
72 kg - Eric McKinnon; Junior; History, Mississauga, Ont.
or Evan MacDonald; Senior; Sociology; Ottawa, Ont.
76 kg - Evan MacDonald
or Eric McKinnon
84 kg - Scott Hall; Freshman, Environmental Science, Orangeville, Ont.
or Adam Fera; Fifth Year Senior; Sociology, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
90 kg - Adam Fera
or Steve Snijders; Fifth Year Senior; PEKN, Calgary, AB
Heavyweight - Mike Neufeld; Junior; Kinesiology, St. Catharines, Ont. 

Coach: Richard Deschatletes

Guelph Gryphons
The Guelph Gryphons bring in a team mixed with veterans and newcomers.  Gryphons to watch on the men’s side are Brandon Eyer (57 kg) who was the 2005 Keegan Trophy winner at the OUA Championships last year in Guelph.  Brandon won the 54 kg weight class and is looking to repeat at 57.  Jamie Cox (120 kg) is returning OUA and CIS gold medallist at 120 kg. He appears to be in great shape for a repeat at both the OUA and CIS Championships.

On the women’s side (North America No. 15); Guelph features Meaghan Wilton (67 kg) who was the 2005 OUA gold medallist at 70 kg and is ranked No. 7 in North America.  With the change of weight classes, Meaghan has dropped one class in hopes to repeat as OUA champion. 

Head Coach Doug Cox said his team should be very competitive in an challenging championship.  “We are hoping for a good performance from our men’s and women’s team.  The OUA’s themselves will be very interesting with some teams weaker and some much stronger than in the past. It will be hard to predict what teams will place where this year. This makes it much more interesting and better for our sport.”

Guelph Gryphons OUA Championships Roster:
54 kg Kevin Christiaens; Junior: Msc. Stat.; Scotland, Ont.
57 kg Brandon Eyer; Fifth Year Senior; Drama; London, Ont.
61 kg Andrew Townshend; Freshman; Geography; Waterloo, Ont.
65 kg DJ Graham; Sophomore; Math; Burford, Ont.
68 kg Kristian Kasap; Freshman; Real Estate; Guelph, Ont.
72 kg Robert Tersigni; Sophomore; Marketing Management, Richmond, Ont.
76 kg Corey Hewitt; Senior; Bio Engineering; Pembroke, Ont.
82 kg Rysiek Kolanko; Junior; Justice; Cambridge, Ont.
90 kg Kyle Grant; Sophomore; Management Economics; Whitby, Ont.
130 kg Jamie Cox; Fifth Year Senior; Geography; Elora, Ont.

48 kg Renilda De Dios; Sophomore; Marine Biology; Brampton, Ont.
51 kg Steph Fisher; Senior; Criminal Justice; Brantford, Ont. 
55 kg Kelly Mak; Freshman; Animal Biology; Barrie, Ont.
59 kg Lee Simon; Sophomore; General Arts; Beamsville, Ont. 
63 kg Jackie Davidson; Sophomore; Sciences; Lower Cove, NB
67 kg Kristy Ferguson; Freshman; Studio Art; Belleville, Ont.
72 kg Meaghan Wilton; Junior; Agricultural Management; Mildmay, Ont.
80 kg Megan Seiling; Freshman; Environmental Sciences; Elmira, Ont.
Coach: Doug Cox

McMaster Marauders
The Marauders have a good team and many of their wrestlers have done well at meets this season.  On the men’s side, Sheldon Francis looks to be a contender at 76kg and he took bronze at the Guelph Open and gold at the Western Open.  Others to watch are Mike Celli (Western Open silver), Dave Rennals (Western Open bronze), and Andrew Bourns (Western Open bronze). 

The MAC women (North America No. 12) feature Ellen Macro (CIS champ Guelph Open silver, Western Open silver) and Stephanie Howorun (North America No. 5, Guelph Open silver, Western Open gold).

Head Coach Nick Cipriano said he expects his team to be a contender this Saturday.  “Our 2005-06 team is stronger than last year’s team and more experienced. Based on tournament results to date, come Saturday afternoon, we should be in contention for a medal placing.  Individually, if things go as anticipated, we should have 3 to 4 male wrestlers and 2 women challenging for gold.  But then, surprises are the norm at the OUA Championship.”

McMaster Marauders OUA Championships Roster:

57kg    Goran Bjelajac; Freshman; Business, Mississauga, Ont.
61kg    Mike Celli; Junior, Geography, Mississauga, Ont.
65kg    Steve Rennalls; Junior; Commerce, Mississauga, Ont.
68kg Mathew Miller; Anthropology; Sophomore, Jarvis, Ont. 
72kg    Dave Rennalls; Senior; Civil Engineering, Mississauga, Ont.
76kg    Dusan Milakara; Freshman, Science, Toronto, Ont.
82kg    Sheldon Francis; Junior, Commerce, Hamilton, Ont. 
90kg    Andrew Bourns; Senior, Political Science, Whitby, Ont. 
Heavyweight  Len Payne; Senior; English, Sarnia, Ont. 
48kg    Marie Picard; Freshman, Kinesiology, St. Etienne du Lauzon, QUE.
59kg    Ellen Macro; Fifth Year Senior; Sociology; Mississauga, Ont. 
67kg    Stephanie Howorun; Junior, Kinesiology, Brampton, Ont.
80kg    Meghan Sweetnam; Junior; English & History; Bruce Mines, Ont. 

Coach: Nick Cipriano 

Queen’s Golden Gaels
The Gaels arrive in Thunder Bay looking to deliver some upsets; mainly on the men’s side.  Wrestlers to watch are Jeff Leung (Concordia Invitational bronze), Nate French, and Eric Bertrand on the men’s side while Shannon Mullins (Queen’s Invitational bronze) could pull off an upset for the Queen’s women (North America No. 20).  

Queen’s Golden Gaels OUA Championships Roster:

54 kg- Justin Ma; Junior; Arts; Calgary, AB
57 kg- Nate French; Freshman, Arts, Gouverneur, NY
61 kg
65 kg Jeff Leung; Senior; Arts; Markham, Ont.
68 kg Albert Cheng; Sophomore, Arts, Mississauga, Ont.
72 kg Shane Kelly; Senior; Arts; Kingston, Ont. 
76 kg Chris Witiw; Sophomore, Arts, Thunder Bay, Ont.
82 kg Jason Howes; Sophomore; Arts; Smiths Falls, Ont. 
90 kg Peter Wright; Sophomore; Arts; Carrying Place, Ont.
HWT Eric Bertrand; Junior; Arts; Taylor Village, NB

55 kg Shannon Mullins; Senior: Phys. Ed & Health; Terra Cotta, Ont.
59 kg Katie Pasic; Junior; Arts; Oakville, Ont.
71 kg Shannon Westgarth; Junior, Arts; Guelph, Ont. 

Coach: Marcus Niemann

Toronto Varsity Blues:
The Blues bring a very young team but Head Coach Michael Quinsey is looking for some strong results from wrestlers like Steve Suraci, Brad Koldyk, and Chris Banic; all of whom placed fourth at last year’s OUA Championships. 

Quinsey said his young team will look for improvements at this year’s championships.  "The University of Toronto Varsity Blues is still in a building phase. This is just the second year of what seems to be the rebirth of wrestling at U of T.  It's the second year we've had close to a full squad but there's been a lot of support from the administration so I'm very optimistic about our growth.  Most of our wrestlers are only in their first or second year of OUA competition so we've been working to catch up with the rest of the league.  It's exciting to be part of the process of putting together a team but results don't happen overnight.”

Toronto Varsity Blues OUA Championships Roster:
55 Kg Tessa Botticella; Freshman; Arts; Whitby, Ont.
or Shannon Miller; 
59 Kg Natasha Matijasic; Junior; Phys. Ed.; Hamilton, Ont.  

57 Kg Steve Suraci; Sophomore; Arts; Mississauga, Ont.  
61 Kg Alan Wu; Freshman; Arts; Markham, Ont.
65 Kg Brad Koldyk; Sophomore; Arts; Windsor, Ont.
68 Kg Ashkon Mousavian; Sophomore, Commerce, Richmond Hill, Ont.  
72 Kg Timur Urakov; Junior, Arts, Almaty, Ont.  
76 Kg Seiji Ishiguro; Sophomore, Phys. Ed.; Markham, Ont.  
82 Kg Matt Fruchtman; Freshman; Arts, Toronto, Ont.  
90 Kg Chris Banic; Senior; Arts, Toronto, Ont.
130 Kg Edison Kim; Sophomore; Arts, Surrey, B.C.

Head Coach: Mike Quinsey

Western Mustangs:
The Mustangs have a very talented squad and look to make some noise at the OUA championships.  The Mustangs feature a very talented women’s team (North America No. 9) with such strong grapplers as Terri McNutt (North America No. 2; Queen’s Invitational gold; Western Open silver) and Jill McCallum (Western Open gold).  The women’s team is coming off the team title at their own Western Open meet which featured some very strong competition.  Lauren Macdonald, Katrina Huszarik, and Kirby Steinhoff (No. 8 North America) are also wrestlers to watch as they all took bronzes at the Queen’s Invitational. 

The Western men’s team is very young and feature Keenan Miller who is coming off a silver medal finish at the Western Open.  Phil Medeiros and Vi Nguyen-Huu both took silvers at the McMaster Invitational and could surprise.        

Western Mustangs OUA Championships Roster:

54 kg Jeff Werden; Freshmen; Alveston, Ont. 
57 kg Phil Medeiros; Junior, Cambridge, Ont.
61 kg Kevin D’Sylva; Freshman; Scarborough, Ont.
65 kg Shawn O’Neill; Freshman; Thunder Bay, Ont.
68 kg Josh Dawson; Freshman; London, Ont.
72 kg Keenan Miller; Junior; Milton, Ont.
76 kg Wolff Schweitzer; Sophomore, Thunder Bay, Ont.
82 kg Vi Nguyen-Huu; Sophomore, Mississauga, Ont. 
90 kg Ryan Stewart; Freshman; St. Mary’s, Ont.
130 kg Ian Patton; Sophomore; Whitby, Ont. 
48 kg Kate Wilson; Junior; Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
51 kg Terri McNutt; Senior; Brantford, Ont.
55 kg Jenn Nguyen; Freshman, Mississauga, Ont.
59 kg Katrina Huszarik; Sophomore, Bancroft, Ont. 
63 kg Gillian McCallum; Sophomore; London, Ont. 
67 kg Jessica Fitzgerald; Sophomore, Bancroft, Ont. 
72 kg Kirby Steinhoff; Freshman; Simcoe, Ont. 
82 kg Lauren MacDonald; Sophomore; Toronto, Ont. 

Coaching Staff:

Ray Takahashi
Josip Mrkoci
Scott Proctor
Candice Vermuelen


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