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Women Ranked No. 9 in N. America

February 24th, 2004


Lakehead University’s women’s wrestling team was ranked No. 9 in North America in this week’s poll by, the pre-eminent wrestling website in the United States. This is the fourth of five polls done by each university wrestling season, with the final one coming on Mar. 25.

Lakehead also had four wrestlers ranked in the Individual Top 10; Emily McCague was ranked fifth at 72kg, while Rachel Dean, Melody McCague, and Katie Patroch were each ranked sixth at 51, 55, and 63 kg respectively. North American Women’s College Wrestling Poll
February 24, 2004

Rank/College/location/pts./ranking last poll
1. Simon Fraser Univ./British Columbia, Canada (5) 100 pts. 1 last poll
2. Cumberland College/Kentucky, USA 93 pts. 3 last poll
3. Univ. of Calgary/Alberta, Canada (1) 89 pts. 2 last poll
4. Missouri Valley College/Missouri, USA 88 pts. 4 last poll
5. Brock Univ./Ontario, Canada 78 pts. 6 last poll
6. McMaster Univ./Ontario, Canada 71 pts. 5 last poll
7. Pacific Univ./Oregon, USA 69 pts. 9 last poll
8. Univ. of Minnesota-Morris/Minnesota, USA 56 pts. 11 last poll
9. Lakehead Univ./ Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 55 pts. 10 last poll
10. (tie )Univ. of Saskatchewan/Saskatchewan, Canada 53 pts. 7 last poll
10. (tie) Menlo College/California, USA 53 pts. 8 last poll
12. Univ. of Regina/Saskatchewan, Canada 50 pts. 12 last poll
13. Univ. of Western Ontario/Ontario, Canada 49 pts. 19 last poll
14. Lassen College/California, USA 38 pts. 13 last poll
15. Univ. of Guelph/Ontario, Canada 33 pts. 15 last poll
16. Univ. of Alberta/Alberta, Canada 27 pts. 14 last poll
17. Queens College/Ontario, Canada 17 pts. 17 last poll
18. MacMurray College/Illinois, USA 15 pts. 18 last poll
19. Univ. of Manitoba/Manitoba, Canada 12 pts. 16 last poll
20. Concordia Univ./Quebec, Canada 9 pts. 20 last poll

Also receiving votes: Univ. of New Brunswick,/New Brunswick, Canada, 6 pts.; Douglas College/British Columbia, Canada, 4 pts. First place votes in parenthesis.

Selected by a panel of women¹s college coaches, with three from Canada and two from the United States. Eligible for ranking are college varsity and club women¹s wrestling programs. N. American Women’s College Individual Rankings
February 24, 2004:

51 kg (112.25 lbs.)
1. Sara White (Simon Fraser)
2. Kapua Torres (Pacific)
3. Terri McNutt (Western Ontario)
4. Debbi Sakai (Missouri Valley)
5. Lauren Lindsay (Cumberland)
6. Rachel Dean (Lakehead)
7. Lisa Morin (Regina)
8. Erin Yamashita (Calgary)

55 kg (121 lbs.)
1. Suekoiyla Shelly (Cumberland College)
2. Heather Sweezey (Brock)
3. Andrea Ross (Calgary)
4. Jessica Peterson (Simon Fraser)
5. Kiersten Hyatt (Missouri Valley)
6. Melody McCague (Lakehead)
7. Desi Lockhart (Pacific)
8. Janice Nguyen (Queens)

63 kg (138.5 lbs.)
1. Tara Hedican (Guelph)
2. Heidi Kulak (Alberta)
3. Laura McDougal (Calgary)
4. Shelly Ruberg (Cumberland College)
5. Angela Mah (Simon Fraser)
6. Katharine Patroch (Lakehead)
7. Mollie Keith (Missouri Valley)
8. Golda Parahoo (Brock)

72 kg (158.5 lbs.)
1. Toccara Montgomery (Cumberland College)
2. Jen Kryzdak (Western Ontario)
3. Ashlea McManus (Simon Fraser)
4. Erin Church (Regina)
5. Emily McCague (Lakehead)
6. Shannon Westgarth (Queens)
7. Christine Calver (Lakehead)
8. Sarah Hrabi (Guelph)

Selected by, with assistance from a panel of five college coaches. Athletes who are considered for ranking are eligible full-time college students, and are members of their college women¹s varsity or club program, or a member of their college men’s wrestling team.

Poll Publication dates: Nov. 25; Dec. 20; Jan. 25; Feb. 25; March 25

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