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Wolves Day 1 Jr. Nats Results

March 27th, 2008


After the first day of competition at the Canadian Junior national wrestling championships in Guelph, Ontario, two Lakehead wrestlers shone bright.  OUA Champion and CIS silver medalist Nicole Plummer narrowly lost a three round thriller to Erica Wiebe from Calgary and Plummer took silver in the 72 kg weight class.  Jeramie Herrington also took bronze behind Plummer for Lakehead.  Amy Whitehead was sixth in the 59 kg weight class.
On the men's side Steve Gross took revenge for last years last year gold medal loss to Joseph Nifasha of Saskatoon as Gross prevailed in a thrilling sudden death protest match to take gold for Lakehead in the 50 kg weight class.
On Friday; the following Lakehead wrestlers will see action:
Colten Woznow: Defending national Junior champion
Jason Chalifoux
Tyson Frost
Mike Rowbotham
Emma Brightwell: Silver medalist at last year’s Junior Nationals.
Day 1 Results Jr. Nationals
Junior Men
50 kg
1. Steve Gros -LAKEHEAD

2. Joseph Nifasha -Saskatoon
3. Nick Sampogna -Guelph
4. Dan Marsden -WWC
5. Steve Schreider -Cattown
6. Vaughn Gandy -UCWC
55 kg
1. Alan Moffat -Guelph
2. Ryan Smith -Salisbury
3. Vince Cormier -Black Bear
4. Jake Hergenhein -Rebels
5. Kirk Ackerman -Cattown
6. JJ Lum -BMWC
66 kg
1. Jack Bond -Salisbury
2. Ryan Lue -Guelph
3. Ryan Myrfield -Saskatoon
4. Rick Johns -UCWC
5. Steve Clark -Black Bear
6. Max Arcand -BMWC
74 kg
1. Daniel Olver -Saskatoon
2. Arminder Virk -BMWC
3. Chris Laverick -Brock W.C.
4. Alex Burk -UCWC
5. Connor Malloy -Cattown
6. Randy Pfrimmer -Team Impact
Junior Women
44 kg
1. Lindsay Wickstrom -Saskatoon
2. Kalynn Goertz -Salisbury
3. Krista Betts -Black Bear
4. Kerstyn Kanwal -KofM
5. Anne Quangtakoune -Cattown
6. Danielle Tremaine -Guelph
48 kg
1. Coralie Dixon -Salisbury
2. Jasmine Mian -Brock W.C.
3. Jasmine Slinn -Cattown
4. Seveh Palani -BMWC
5. Natasha Kramble -Saskatoon
6. Jennifer Hale -Matmen
55 kg
1. Olivia Gunnell -LWWC
2. Heather Yamashita -UCWC
3. Stephany Dergo -Saskatoon
4. Ella Burk -UCWC
5. Carly Wright -York WC
6. Jessica Smith -Team Impact
59 kg
1. Heidi Erdle -UCWC
2. Celeste Rodriques -Brock W.C.
3. Avalon Doyle -Metro W.C.
4. Raissa Dickinson -BMWC
5. Kathleen Kent -Saskatoon
6. Amy Whitehead -LAKEHEAD
63 kg
1. Nikita Chicoine -Montreal
2. Denette Torgenson -BMWC
3. Danielle Lappage -Spartan
4. Ashley Routliffe -Guelph
5. Marielle Terhart -Bears W.C.
6. Anne Miet Van DenNeuenwallar -LWWC
67 kg
1. Allison Leslie -Guelph
2. Taylor Dick -BMWC
3. Laura Stelfer -Brock W.C.
4. Theresa Urbanczyk -Bears W.C.
5. Caitlin Bodewitz -UCWC
72 kg
1. Erica Wiebe -UCWC
2. Nicole Plummer -LAKEHEAD
3. Jeramie Herrington -LAKEHEAD

4. Debra Jehu -Brock W.C.
5. Katherine Martin -Bears W.C.
6. Lyndsey Walker -Salisbury

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