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Brightwell Silvers at CIS National Championships!

February 28th, 2009


Huy Nguyen and Chadd Lee led the Lakehead Thunderwolves wrestling teams at the second and final day of the CIS national championships Saturday in Calgary, Alberta; hosted by the University of Calgary.  Nguyen claimed his second straight CIS national championship gold (and third overall) in the menís 54 kg weight class while Lee took national gold in the menís 72 kg weight class.
Nguyen defeated Aaron Fabiano of Brock 2-1 with a dominating win as the OUA MVP and OUA champion claimed his third CIS national gold.  Lee beat Dusan Milakara of McMaster 2-1 in a very exciting match; securing the gold in the final 30 seconds of the match. 
Sophomore Emma Brightwell took silver in the womenís 82 kg weight class in a controversial 2-1 loss to Leah Callahan of Calgary.  Gaston Tardiff took silver in menís 57 kg; losing to Canadian senior champion Vincent Cormier of UNB 2-0.
CIS gold medalists are CIS First Team All Canadians while silver medalists are CIS Second Team All Canadians so Nguyen and Lee join the First Team while Tardiff and Brightwell are on the Second Team.
The Wolves men finished in fourth place in the team standings behind Simon Fraser and Brock, Concordia.  The host University of Calgary team dominated the womenís side taking the team championship and six gold medals while Lakeheadís women finished in seventh position in the final team standings.    
Three Wolves finished fourth; just outside the podium.  In menís 76 kg; Corey Lee lost his bronze medal match to Pat McDonald of Simon Fraser.  Clayton Serreres lost his bronze medal match in menís 65 kg vs. Shawn Daye-Finley of UNB.  In womenís 48 kg; Jessica Bershatsky lost her bronze medal match vs. Jasmine Mian of Brock.
In the womenís 59 kg class; Leah Dougherty won vs. Liz Sera of Western to take fifth.  In womenís 63 kg; freshman Aislynn Torfason defeated Caitlyn Goodfellow of McMaster for fifth.  Colten Woznow also took fifth in menís 82 kg with a win over Sean House of McMaster.  Ben Eaglestone was fifth at menís 90 kg as he defeated Greg Huskilson of UNB.  Jason Chalifoux took fifth in the menís 130 kg heavyweight class as he beat Phil Vandenbeukel of Brock.
In menís 71 kg; Angelo Daniele defeated Eric Lewis of UNB for seventh place while Alex Demars was eighth in the womenís 55 kg weight class.  
Lakehead Thunderwolves Wrestling CIS Championships Final Results:

54kg  Huy Nuygen: CIS National Champion 
72kg Chadd Lee: CIS National Champion

57kg Gaston Tardiff: CIS National Silver   
76kg Corey Lee: CIS Fourth Place
65kg Clayton Serreres: CIS Fourth Place 
82kg Colten Woznow: CIS Fifth Place 
90kg  Benjamin Eaglestone: CIS Fifth Place  
130kg Jason Chalifoux: CIS Fifth Place
61kg Angelo Daniele: CIS Seventh Place
82kg Emma Brightwell: CIS National Silver

48kg Jessica Bershatsky: CIS Fourth Place
59kg Leah Dougherty: CIS Fifth Place
63kg Aislynn Torfason: CIS Sixth Place
55kg Alex Demars: CIS Eighth Place 
SFU                             70
BROCK                        58
CONCORDIA                56
LAKEHEAD                  52
UNB                             33
REGINA                       32
GUELPH                      21
MCMASTER                 15
ALBERTA                     13
CALGARY                     5
TORONTO                     2
MCGILL                         1

CALGARY                    62
SIMON FRASER           47       
BROCK                        33
REGINA                        24
UNB                             23
LAKEHEAD                  22
WESTERN                   18
GUELPH                      13
CONCORDIA                 8
MEMORIAL                   6
ALBERTA                      6
TORONTO                     4
MCMASTER                  3

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