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Grad Profiles: Kendra Ezack

April 23rd, 2009


Kendra Ezack only wrestled one year (this season) for the Lakehead wrestling team but she made a huge impact on the team and coaches with her work ethic and positive attitude.

This season she won a spot on the Wolves OUA Championships team by defeating Lakehead’s OUA silver medalist from last season.  She placed fifth at the OUA Championships.

The Thunder Bay native is graduating with a Teacher’s Degree and looks to become a teacher and remain involved in athletics such as endurance sports after graduation.

Departing Wrestling Head Coach Owen Dawkins said Ezack made a mark in only one year on the squad.  “Kendra joined our varsity wrestling team this year after taking four years of wrestling.   Her hard work and dedication were second to none.  She worked her way to a starting spot by beating out last year’s OUA silver medalist.   Her greatest asset is her willingness to never give up and her ability to outwork everyone in practice; regardless of gender.”

Name: Kendra Ezack
Hometown: Thunder Bay
Program: Education
Sport: Wrestling
Years as a varsity Lakehead Athlete: 1

Q & A with Kendra Ezack:

What are your fondest memories as a Lakehead varsity athlete?
Ben Eaglestone dancing with a mop to "Ain't No Mountain High enough", pretty much anything Ben said or did, Angelo Daniele’s teen-stache, Brandon Gardiner demystifying the Simple Pleasures program at the Four Points Sheraton, when 6:30 a.m. practices were over, dryland training, trip to Jamestown, res cafe breakfasts, getting to use the heating pads all the time, free massages, team sauna parties, Huy Nguyen: "Oh Please...", Emma Brightwell defending from the splits at the OUA championships, Nikki (Nicole Plummer) playing soccer with her full-on arm-cast, when I could finally tell Chadd and Corey Lee (Lakehead’s wrestling twin brothers) apart, The Game, destroying the Chinese buffet, Aislynn Torfason and her mom and their cookies, Mrs. Gross' sandwiches, the CD we listened to everyday for pretty much the whole year, a certain someone's invented words, seeing the team come this close to national title, putting on the funnest 15 pounds of my life, pretty much everything.

What do you think was your top athletic achievement or performance as a Lakehead Varsity Athlete? 
Getting to go to the OUA championships even though I didn't do as well as I would have liked.
What did being a Lakehead varsity athlete teach you that will help you in your life after university? 
Work hard, but do it smart.  Take care of your body and respect those around you.  Also, that the biggest roadblock to anything a person wants to accomplish might be the way they are thinking about the situation and how that may be affecting the type of energy they are putting into their goals.
What are you plans after graduating from Lakehead? 
I would like to become a teacher and remain involved in athletics.  I would also like to travel, run an ultramarathon, learn to swim, surf and record a rap video at Renco Foods.

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