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November 4th, 2004


The Lakehead Wrestling team is off to the McMaster Invitational this Saturday. It is Lakehead’s first tournament of the year for both men and women. The Thunderwolves are sending 17 wrestlers for this event; 12 men and 5 women. Lakehead Head Coach Francis Clayton said the Mac Invitational will be an interesting test for his squad. “For McMaster we will see if our training has matched that changes in the rules. It is going to be a good test for us and we are looking forward to it.”

This tournament will be for university-eligible wrestlers only, which is not the norm as tournaments are usually Opens until the OUA and CIS Championships. All the OUA schools, the University of Alberta, Cumberland College from the USA (women), Concordia and UNB have confirmed their attendance. This event is also a test for some of the new wrestling rules that wrestling’s international body FILA has made to how matches will be scored and run. These rules are being used now but become official in January of 2005.

The biggest change is in the structure of the match. Where before it was the wrestler with the most points that wins (a pin is a win in the old rules and in these new rules as well), now it is the winner of rounds that wins. A match will start with two two-minute rounds, with a third if needed. It will be the best of three, the first wrestler to win two rounds (or pin) wins the match. Each round starts at zeros. More information on the new rule changes can be seen at and

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