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Women Claim Western Open Title

January 29th, 2005


Lakehead Thunderwolves Wrestling had another strong weekend; this time at the Western Open where the No. 9 women’s team claimed the Open Club and University Team Titles.

The women’s team put in a solid group effort with no Lakehead winner claiming individual firsts but Sarah Swan, Melody McCague, and Tasha Eady took second at 57kg, 61kg, and 65 kg respectively. Emily McCague took third at 70 kg and Mary Jo Mitchell and Alex Demaris were fith at 48kg and 53kg respectively.

Western Open Wrestling Tournament Results:

Women Team Standings

Open Club Results
1. Lakehead 30 points

2. London-Western 22
3. McGill WC 20
4. Brock 18
5. Guelph 13
6. Montreal WC 13

University Standings
1. Lakehead 30
2. Guelph 18
3. Queen's 18
4. Western 12
5. McMaster 10
6. Brock 8

Individual Standings

1. Hana Askren (McGill WC)
2. Jessica Medina (Cumberland)
3. Rene Mortenson (Cumberland)
4. Ashley Goertz (Salisbury)
5. Mary Jo Mitchell (Lakehead)
6. Karen Moses (Toronto)

1. Belinda Chou (Western)
2. Terri McNutt (Western)
3. Janice Nyguen (Queen's)
4. Amy Laidlaw (National Capital WC)
5. Alex Demaris (Lakehead)
6. Kirsten Ross (UNB)

1. Tonya Verbeek (Brock)
2. Sarah Swan (Lakehead)
3. Laurel Dunn (McGill WC)

1. Katie Patroch (London-Western)
2. Melody McCague (Lakehead)
3. Shannon Mullens (Queen's)
4. Salpi Mrgdichian (MWC)
5. Natasha Matijasic (Toronto)
6. Jenn Aiken (Brock)

1. Stef Howorun (Mac)
2. Tasha Eady (Lakehead)
3. Crystal Morra (Guelph)
4. Katie Pasic (Queen's)

1. Martine Dugrenier (MWC)
2. Marcia Chiasson (UNB)
3. Emily McCague (Lakehead)
4. Meaghan Wilton (Guelph)
5. Jessica Fitzgerald (Western)

Photo: Sarah Swan

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Grant Lavallee commented:January 30th, 2005 8:20pm

Proud of my home university team. Well done Lakehead.

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