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Jones Gets Gold; Women Take Bronze

February 19th, 2005


Christina Jones took gold at 80 kg to lead the Lakehead women to a third place team finish behind Brock and Western at the OUA Wrestling Championships in Guelph on Saturday.  The top three wrestlers in each weight class also qualify for the CIS Championships which will be hosted by Brock in March.
On the women's side Melody McCague took silver in the 61 kg class while Tasha Eady took bronze at 65 kg; so they also qualified for the CIS championships.  Emily McCague and Alexandra Demars were fourth, Michelle Gorrie was fifth, and Mary Jo Mitchell was sixth.
1. Brock 50
2. Western 39
3. Lakehead 31
4. McMaster 30
5. Guelph 27
6. Queen's 14
7. Toronto  4

48 kg
1. Alana King  Brock
2. Laura Skopelianos Western
3. Karen DeClerk Queen's
4. Hailey Dermott Guelph
5. Karen Moses Toronto
6. Mary Jo Mitchell Lakehead
53 kg
1. Terri McNutt Western
2. Jessica Bondy Brock
3. Amanda Burke McMaster
4. Heather Drake Guelph
5. Michelle Gorrie Lakehead
6. Janice Nguyen Queen's
57 kg
1. Heather Sweezey Brock
2. Belinda Chou Western
3. Muoi An Truong McMaster
4. Alexandra Demars Lakehead
5. Tessa Botticelli Toronto
6. Lee Simon  Guelph
61 kg
1. Ellen Macro  McMaster
2. Melody McCague Lakehead
3. Shannon Mullins Queen's
4. Lindsay MacDonald  Brock
5. Kimberly Noakes Guelph
6. Katrina Huszarik Western
65 kg
1. Megan Dolan Brock
2. Stefanie Howorun McMaster
3. Tasha Eady  Lakehead
4. Jacqueline Davidson  Guelph
5. Jill McCallum Western
6. Kathleen Pasic Queen's
70 kg
1. Meaghan Wilton Guelph
2. Jocelyn Dresser Brock
3. Jess Fitzgerald Western
4. Emily McCague Lakehead
5. Shannon Westgarth  Queen's
6. Tara Hall  McMaster
80 kg
1. Christina Jones Lakehead
2. Seren Martin Western
3. Leanne Ashworth Guelph
4. Jen Hanson  Brock
5. Meghan Sweetnam  McMaster
Female Coach of the Year:  Ray Takahashi - Western
Outstanding Female Wrestler: Heather Sweezey - Brock

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suzie commented:March 7th, 2005 12:11am

Tina you are golden. Like a golden Eagle. caw caw!

suzie commented:March 7th, 2005 12:19am

T-I-N-A spells G-O-L-D…. can i get a caw caw!!

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